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Ultrasound Diagnostics – how can it help you?

Ultrasound Diagnostics – how can it help you?

April 22, 2024

At Health in Motion, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard of care. One of the tools we rely on to achieve this is diagnostic ultrasound.  

With over seven years’ experience in ultrasound diagnostics, our very own Franco Contiero has honed his exceptional skills through a mentorship and a postgraduate certificate in this field. We are so pleased to have Franco on board! 

What is diagnostic ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound plays an important role in our practice, complementing our physiotherapy and osteopathy assessments. It serves as a valuable adjunct tool that offers real-time insights into musculoskeletal health. Utilising high-frequency sound waves, we are able to visualise and interrogate muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, facilitating precise diagnosis and offer personalised treatment plans. 

How can it help me? 

One of the key advantages of ultrasound diagnostics is its exceptional accuracy. Research has shown that it can be just as precise as MRI in investigating injuries and pathologies within muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This high level of accuracy enables us to make informed decisions about your care, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate treatment. 
Another significant benefit of diagnostic ultrasound is its non-invasive nature. Unlike traditional imaging methods, such as X-rays or CT scans, ultrasound does not expose patients to harmful radiation or invasive procedures. This makes it a safe and comfortable option suitable for all individuals. 

How can it inform and improve my treatment? 

What sets ultrasound apart is its ability to provide real-time imaging. We can observe the movement and function of your muscles and joints as you perform various movements or exercises. This dynamic insight is instrumental in assessing how structures respond to specific actions, enabling us to tailor your treatment plan accordingly, based on exceptionally accurate information. 
In addition to diagnosis and assessment, ultrasound plays a vital role in guided interventions. During procedures like needling, the real-time visual feedback ensures accurate placement and enhances the overall efficacy of treatments. This level of precision minimises discomfort and maximises the therapeutic benefits for our patients. 

What are the long-term benefits of this treatment? 

Ultrasound diagnostics enables us to monitor your progress over time. We can visually document the healing process, allowing us to make informed adjustments to your treatment regimen as needed. This ensures that your care remains personalised and optimised for your unique needs. 
So, diagnostic ultrasound is an invaluable tool at Health in Motion, enhancing our clinical assessments and empowering us to provide the highest quality of care. With its accuracy, non-invasiveness, and real-time imaging capabilities, ultrasound is an integral part of our patient-centric approach. 

How can I book in for this treatment? 

Easily! Just head over to our booking page, select our Guildford location and scroll down to ‘Ultrasound Diagnostics’. 

If you have any questions, please reach out either through our website or email Franco directly…

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