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Back Pain

Around 4 in 5 adults will experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. Here at Health in Motion we specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain. Our Chiropractor and Osteopaths are well adept to assessing, treating and preventing all types of back pain.

The key to the success of our approach is our ability to not just treat your current symptoms pattern but to use thorough assessment protocols and movement screening to build bespoke exercise rehabilitation programs for long-term success. We also have a direct relationship with local Orthopaedic Consultant Specialists who can provide further assessment with scanning imaging to ensure that we can best manage your treatment requirements in all circumstances.

Don’t put off getting your back pain seen to, the sooner we assess it, the sooner we can alleviate it. In the famous words of the Peter Crouch Podcast, “Back Stronger”!

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